Exploring the Different Teen Patti Card Game Varieties

Teen Patti gold game

Teen Patti gold game

The developers present several varieties of game variants, which will allow you to choose the best option and diversify your leisure time. They differ in rules, with which it is important to familiarise yourself before the start for a better perception of the game.

Knowing how to play Teen Patti game and depending on the version you choose, you will have a great time so each version of the game in its own way addictive.


Best of Four

Here the number of cards is increased, which increases the probability of forming a strong hand rank. But otherwise everything is the same as in the main variant of Teen Patti real game. The dealer deals four cards, but participants can use only three of them to make a winning combination.


During several rounds players are dealt combinations of open/closed cards. Their ratio varies, which immerses in the atmosphere of drive and positivity, increases interest.


At the start, the dealer deals common cards, which are placed in the centre of the table. They can be used by all players. The cards on the table and in the online hand are combined to create a winning combination and beat the other players.

Bust Card Draw

When the real Teen Patti game is activated, the dealer draws a random card and places it face down in the centre of the table. It is eliminated from the rounds. But any gambler who gets an overcall element must reset his online hand. This approach reduces the number of combinations available to participants.

Wild Draw

The peculiarity of the entertainment is that it is introduced jokers. They can replace any other card when making a combination. When selecting a variety, the dealer randomly determines the joker element. To do this, he pulls out one card and looks at the fallen face value.

Low Wild

The version is interesting because the low rank cards in a participant’s hand are considered jokers. They are used to supplement combinations and increase their overall strength.

High Wild

High ranked cards in the player’s hand become joker-symbols. As in previous versions with a bonus, with the help of the Wild you can complement the combination and increase its strength. This will increase the chances of winning.

The two lowest Wild

Two low-ranked cards in a player’s hand become jokers. This will allow you to form a strong hand as quickly as possible.


The peculiarity of the version is that here you need to collect the weakest combination. But it will be the winning one, because the ranking of hands has been changed in the entertainment.

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Teen Patti FAQs

How do I place bets?

At the beginning of the round, you must make an ante. If you play in the closed, then contribute the amount of one or two minimum bets. When conducting a gambling battle in the open, increase the ante in two to four times.

How to play for real money?

To start Teen Patti, you need to register on the casino site and make a deposit. As soon as the money arrives on your balance, move to the card table and place your bets.

Which colour is the highest bidder?

The strongest Color type hand is A-K-J of the same suit. The combination must be formed from cards that are out of order. The hand can be a diamond, clubs, spades or hearts.

What's the difference between poker and Teen Patti?

The difference between poker and online Teen Patti game lies in the number of cards from which the combination is formed. In the first case, there are five (in some variations, seven are allowed). In the second, you will have to make a combination of only three cards. Also take into account the differences in the rules of betting. For example, when playing open in Teen Patti, the minimum investment is doubled, while in poker it does not matter.