How to play Teen Patti game

Game Teen Patti is played using a deck of 52 sheets, excluding jokers. Its goal is to collect the best combination. Only three cards must be in the hand.

In order to break the jackpot in Teen Patti money game, take into account the basic rules. Among them:

Get to grips with the nuances by activating the card table in free format. You will evaluate the chances of winning and test profitable techniques without risking your deposit, as inbuilt demo credits are used instead of real money.


How to play Teen Patti game

How to play Teen Patti game


Teen Patti Hand Ranking Essentials

Before starting Teen Patti new game familiarise yourself with the seniority of positions. This is necessary to form winning combinations to get ahead of your opponents.

Position seniorityGeneral Overview
1Trio or Trail (Three of a kind)Composed of three card sheets of the same denomination. For example, Q-Q-Q. Three aces is the highest hand, the lowest hand has three twos
2Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)It is composed of three elements of the same suit, which are arranged in a straight sequence. For example, diamonds 5-6-7
3Sequence (Straight)Formed from consecutive denominations of different suits. For example, clubs 7, spades 8 and hearts 9
4Color ( Flush )The combination is represented by three elements of the same suit, the denomination of which is inconsistent. For example, hearts 10-5-8
5Pair ( Double )The combination contains two cards of the same value. For example, J-J-5. If several players have identical pairs, the leader is determined by the seniority of the kicker (third card)
6Only High Card ( No pair )In the absence of one of the above combinations, the highest card determines the strength of the hand
Teen Patti hand ranking

Teen Patti hand ranking

It is not uncommon for two players to have an identical combination during the game stages. For example, Pure Sequence. In this case the leader is determined by the seniority of the cards: hearts J-J-J is higher than the combination of clubs 9-9-9.

Teen Patti: Unlocking the Game’s Rules

Before making any real investments, run Teen Patti free game to identify the steps to achieve success. You should know not only the nuances, but also the basic terms. The rules are similar to poker, but there are also significant differences. Only experience and competent drawing up of card combinations will help you become a leader in the virtual world.

How to start playing Teen Patti: step-by-step instructions for beginners

Beginners often have a question about how to play Teen Patti game. General information is not enough for them; they want more details. If you are interested in all the details, then check out the review below:

After betting, betting rounds are carried out – the most important stage. The number of rounds depends on the actions of gamblers.

How to play online Teen Patty game for real money?

Teen Patti real game is only available to registered users. To get access to the card table, create an account on the casino site and fund your account using one of the payment systems. This can be bank cards, online wallets, cryptocurrency services and other financial instruments. Money arrives on the balance instantly, and therefore you will be able to go straight to gambling.


A guide to common Teen Patti game terms

Teen Patti game real cash will be successful if you familiarise yourself with the general terms in advance. Otherwise, you will not understand the croupier’s commands and explanations, which is especially important when choosing Live mode (conducted in real time). Among the basic definitions for deposits:

  1. Boot. A mandatory bet that all players must make. It is placed on the table until the dealer deals the cards. The total amount of bets forms the starting bank.
  2. Post. Mandatory bet when entering the game in case the player missed the Boot stage.
  3. Stake amount. The bet amount that the gambler must place depending on the type of game selected (open or blind).

The croupier regularly utters said phrases, and when playing against a virtual opponent, they are published as part of ongoing operations.

Terms in relation to gamblers

You should know how certain players are labelled. We’re talking about:

  1. Blind player. A gambler who has chosen to bet in Teen Patti game cash in the blind. For him, the amount invested is equal to the Boot value.
  2. Seen player. A player who chooses to bet in the open with a preview of his cards.

Conduct a fair gambling battle in accordance with the accepted method. If the provisions are violated, no victory is possible.

  1. Call and Raise. An opportunity to stay in the game without folding cards and raising the bet. For this purpose it is necessary to make a bet equal to the previous one.
  2. Sideshow or Backshow. Please compare your gambling hand with the cards of the previous user. This opportunity is provided if none of the other players have used this option yet.
  3. Show or showdown. A stage where players are revealed to compare hand rank and determine the winner. The round is possible when there are two players left at the table. The player with the stronger combination wins.
  4. No Limit. A format in which there are no financial restrictions on bets. It is possible to invest any amount of funds, which depends on the strategy used and risk appetite.
  5. Fixed Limit. A variation where minimum/maximum bet limits apply. In each round you can make investments strictly defined by the rules.
  6. Pot Limit. A format in which the amount of the maximum contribution is limited to the current pot size. That is, players can bet up to the maximum amount they already have in the bank.
  7. Spread Limit. A variant in which the range of available bets is defined. Gamblers can increase the stake by any amount from the defined range.

If initially it is difficult to understand all the features – do not worry. You will gradually get into the nuances in the course of the game. Even if you have no experience, it is enough just to get into the essence. Do not spare time to gain theoretical knowledge.

Teen Patti FAQs

How do I place bets?

At the beginning of the round, you must make an ante. If you play in the closed, then contribute the amount of one or two minimum bets. When conducting a gambling battle in the open, increase the ante in two to four times.

How to play for real money?

To start Teen Patti, you need to register on the casino site and make a deposit. As soon as the money arrives on your balance, move to the card table and place your bets.

Which colour is the highest bidder?

The strongest Color type hand is A-K-J of the same suit. The combination must be formed from cards that are out of order. The hand can be a diamond, clubs, spades or hearts.

What's the difference between poker and Teen Patti?

The difference between poker and online Teen Patti game lies in the number of cards from which the combination is formed. In the first case, there are five (in some variations, seven are allowed). In the second, you will have to make a combination of only three cards. Also take into account the differences in the rules of betting. For example, when playing open in Teen Patti, the minimum investment is doubled, while in poker it does not matter.